AP1832i - Flash erased...
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Автор:  Bertote [ 04 сен 2023, 02:27 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  AP1832i - Flash erased...

hello everybody.
First, I'm sorry for my bad English...

I use two 1832i APs, one configured as mobility express and the other capwap.
I tried to upgrade firmware 8.10.83 to 8.10.185 and the controller stopped responding, including ping. After some attempts, by tftp I rolled back the firmware. I continued without access and without ping the controller. After a few hours of google, I decided to format the flash (nand erase.chip), and that was my big mistake, because it was no longer possible to write the firmware, returning the image error:


A few more hours I found a way to fix the flash partition, but it wasn't effective for the problem either, as shown in the image:

setenv mtdids nand0=nand0 && setenv mtdparts mtdparts=nand0:0x40000000@0x0(fs) && ubi part fs (With 0x40000000, it returned an error of exceeding flash size, it only accepted the command with 0x10000000)
ubi create part1


I decided to use the AP that was in CAP mode as a controller. the interesting thing is that if I load the firmware on the problematic AP by tftp (bootipq tftp) it boots and is recognized by the new controller... but it is not possible to write information to it and if it restarts, it needs to do the whole tftp process again.


    If any member can help me to correctly rebuild the partition, I will be very grateful.

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